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Traveling Team Program

The Atletico Liberal Futbol Club Traveling Team program enables our youth to compete at a higher level of league play and to participate multiple tournaments per season. We strive to provide each individual player the opportunity to play soccer in an environment that is both challenging and supportive. Our coaching staff is trained to provide individual and team skills development that are appropriate for each child’s interest and ability while maintaining a positive atmosphere that is stimulating physically, mentally and socially.  The level of training, competition and opportunities available through the Traveling Team program are extensive and far beyond those available through traditional recreational soccer programs.  

Program Cost

Atletico Liberal Futbol club has a flat fee of $215 per player for our teams.  This fee includes KSYSA fees, team fees, player fees, league/tournament fees, equipment fees, coaching fees, and Fall and Spring season fees for all teams that play both seasons. 

For all age groups, the fees can be paid in full at the time of registration or in two payments set before the deadline period. (Aug 1st of the seasonal year)

We do offer half season deals (Fall or Spring). Just contact the club for more information.


As a non-profit organization our budget is forecast for a year based on registrations and commitments when a player joins. We follow the standard of club soccer across the country in not offering refunds. Exceptions for Club Fees will only considered in extreme circumstances. Refunds on Team Fees are not available under any circumstances

Uniform Fees

All players playing in a season with Atletico Liberal Futbol Club will need to purchase a uniform kit. Pricing will be without markup and each participant will order their own jersey through their coach and will have it delivered directly to them by their coach.  Extra jerseys, socks, and goalie gear can be purchased any time, just inform your coach on what your needs are.  The exact fees are not yet determined, but estimated to be just under $45 for a full kit (home/away jersey, shorts, and socks.)


ALL players/families within the Atletico Liberal Futbol Club Traveling Team program agree to participate from August through July of the seasonal year. Some teams will additionally participate in the Kansas State Cup tournament which is held the 1st week of June of the seasonal year. At a minimum, the program includes a early fall outdoor season, a spring/summer outdoor season, and rest/offseason during the winter months.  At least two practices a week, and games or tournaments on the weekends occur during the early fall and spring/summer outdoor season.   Families are expected to honor the commitment they make to their coach and team as well as their financial obligations. Families who do not pay their fees in a timely fashion will be listed as players in poor standing with KSYSA, disallowing them from participating with any Club programs until fees are brought current. Players may be benched until fees are paid.  Additionally, all club and team payments are to be paid in full even if players are unable to attend or participate due to injury or absence for any reason unless otherwise agreed upon and approved by Atletico Liberal Futbol Club.

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